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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 28, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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with angela strobel, the woman who was accused of being a liar for her obamacare horror story, go to this is "the kelly file." and welcome to this special edition of "hannity" tonight. for the full hour we'll be joined by a lively studio audience, they're here to analyze what we call the obama effect, how this country's policies have brought the country to a tipping point. now, we begin with professor jonathan turley who said it best on his comments. >> the president has exceeded his authority in a way that is creating a destabilizing influence. the rate at which the executive power is being concentrated in our system is accelerating. and frankly i am very alarmed by
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the implications of that aggregation of power. i believe we're at a constitutional tipping point in our system. it is a dangerous point for our system to be in. and i believe your response has to begin before this president leaves office. no one in our system goes it alone. >> all right, there you have it. so how exactly has president obama overstepped his authority and created his constitutional crisis? here is how. take a look. >> protecting our first amendment rights are vital to who we are. >> attorney general eric holder defended the obama administration on the contraception mandate. >> if they refuse the mandate, refuse to violate their religious beliefs and refuse to pay the fine, who consequences as an employer will bishop campbell face? >> after groups of the tea party were harassed by the irs, allies
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in congress say they want action. >> someone needs to be held responsible. someone needs to be in prison. someone needs to be prosecuted. >> the white house is on hold over the claims that they never were involved in the prosecution of a reporter. the attorney general himself signed off on labelling fox's james rosen a potential co-con conspirator. >> they want to know how and why the stories are covered. >> there is no doubt the fcc is breathing down their neck and holding their license in jeopardy, they're going to do what the government wants. >> this administration is bent on aiming and targeting those they don't like. >> and we bring in our studio audience for reaction. how many think a tipping point constitutionally, has the president overstepped his
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bounds, hands up high. who says no? you're a lawyer? how does that happen? >> mistakes happen every day. >> so the president can change the health care law, doesn't need to go to congress. >> you asked the question if we're at a tipping point. there are some very odd things that take place on the subject of executive order. clearly congress is given the power to do these things. however, there are additional provisions, one in particular, allowing the president certain emergency responses. >> wait a minute, 27 times we changed obamacare, is that an emergency? >> obama ran in 2008 saying he opposed all of these executive orders. that he wanted a government by and for the people and that he wanted a transparent process. why did we have a revolution and get rid of king george if we now have president obama signing off? >> you're crossing the politics with the question, the question is can he do those things?
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you're absolutely right, he did run against those things, politically it is a retreat. but when you get to the legalities of it he really has not come anywhere close to a constitutional crisis, not saying it couldn't happen. >> i disagree, and i think it is disgraceful for the president of the united states saying if congress won't do it by the democratic process, i will do it by the power of the pen. >> i see individuals on a regular basis across the country, tea party individuals and other political events. people are tired of this runaway government that we are under. nsa spying on us, we are totally at a tipping point, americans are tired of it. >> what about monica crowley, they have the power of the purse, if he says we're not going to force the immigration law or remove the requirements for welfare or targeting conservatives.
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>> yeah, doing it all atalheway. there are a few strong republican voices like senator ted cruz, senator louis gohmert. i'm not sure the american public understands what they're up against with this administration. this is a completely different ball of wax, what they seek to do in the words of president obama in 2008, fundamentally transform the country, transform the very nature of the american character and the american democratic process. and i'm not sure the republicans understand what they're dealing with here. and if they do -- >> i think they're timid. i think they do understand all of these things, but i think they're afraid to take him on for fear of a back lash. >> i think you're absolutely right. we don't have a select committee on benghazi. we don't have one on the irs. all of these scandals that you speak of are real scandals. but they have faded away. the republican party has only
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one philosophy, which to me is bankrupt. let obama self-destruct. don't have a positive message or agenda. >> i don't disagree with one word he said. i am disappointed that the republicans don't have a positive vision agenda saying if you elect us, we'll do one, two, three, four, five. >> i think there are two issues where he is overstepping his bounds, like the issue of the mandates, the issue that is put into place and then he illegally violates the law that he himself helped to pass. on top of that there is the issue of we can't believe a word he says. those two things go together, he lies, you get to keep your doctor and insurance. all the lies together -- >> why do the american people take it? >> they don't know why they take it. >> go ahead, mr. unger. >> i'll give you an alternative reason for why you're not seeing this crisis. i wrote an article in the forbes
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column and quoted a senior policy adviser, a domestic policy adviser saying that if the congress is not going to get this stuff done but the president will. you know whose adviser it was, ronald wilson reagan. >> but people have not done it in the white house. >> no, no, no -- >> i was in the nixon administration, the last time we were accused of having an empiral presidency. but the difference was the media was in a different place. the media criticized and took very seriously the job as the watchdogs of liberty, now you have the president does whatever he wants. the media is like trained seals at the zoo, applauding whatever he does. >> historically presidents have had a very adversarial relationship with the press and have tried to see if there was wiggle room to keep things as private as possible and control
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the message. that is what they're doing, but why people don't care, politicians in washington don't hear their voice. they're about themselves rather than about the people. there are very few public servants that are in it for the people. and we need to elect more of those. >> why have the republicans, they seem to have made a decision, generally speaking, with the decisions, except what monica has said. don't rock the boat -- >> because they want power. >> so they're just as bad as the democrats? >> some of them are. >> father morris, hi. >> i don't know about politics, but i know that philosophy and ideology matter. and i don't believe that president obama is the devil. that is breaking news, and you can crucify me for that later, but what i do go against is basic principles that jews, christians, muslims can agree
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on. life, one specific example, the bishops of the united states of america had one of the greatest programs for helping women who were being trafficked. you know what the health and human services did? they said we're going to take away all of your money but it is for good reason. the reason is, even though you have been the most successful group in stopping trafficking of women you're not offering them abortion. so you know what? all federal funding is gone. that is ideology and philosophy that has transformed the nature of our country. that is a very, very bad thing. >> the freedom of religion, that goes to the contraception mandate. they can spin this any way they want, it is really the catholic churches, right? and for example in boston they're no longer in the business and service and ministry of adoption, why? because if they don't send the children to gay couples they're
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out of it. and in washington, d.c., the same thing. that is a fundamental change in the way the united states of america operates as a country. >> we'll be right back after a break. we'll continue, coming up next tonight right here on hannity. >> not driven by any moral circumstances, it is driven by budget considerations. he would much rather spend the money on food stamps than he would on support for our troops. >> the vice president was not the only one to slam the decision to gut the america's military. we'll weigh in on the national security right after the break and much more on this special edition of "hannity." [ male announcer ] whether it takes 200,000 parts, ♪ 800,000 hours of supercomputing time, 3 million lines of code, 40,000 sets of eyes, or a million sleepless nights. whether it's building the world's most advanced satellite, the space station, or the next leap in unmanned systems. at boeing, one thing never changes. our passion to make it real.
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edition of "hannity." and defense secretary chuck hagel announced they would propose two military changes, in other words, gut the military. now it is raising national security concerns. >> american dominance in the seas and skies can no longer be taken for granted. >> much rather spend the money on food stamps than he would on a strong military or support for our troops. >> there is no sense of division except for a political strategy. that is like cancelling your fire insurance to prevent fires. >> tying our hands and future presidents and an ability to address whatever threat there is. >> what we're trying to do is solve our financial problems on the backs of our military. >> i'm for spending more money on troops and less on equipment. >> and i'm for more men and women getting money in their paychecks and more benefits. >> and we bring back our studio
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audience for what this historic decision means, let's talk a little bit about this. >> you want to know who was cheering on monday when hagel made the announcement was russia, china, iran, north korea, global press is on the rise, what is obama doing? after two wars come to an end, absolutely there will be cuts that have to be made, they always do when wars come to an end. you make smart cuts, ones that are not going to have serious adverse repercussions on our national security, which is what we heard from hagel. >> hagel, the point is coming where america is not going to dominate the seas and space and the military and i'm thinking, if the united states doesn't dominate, then who will?
7:16 pm
who will fill that void? >> let's just raise the white flag now and say okay, russia, the fact it was done in the middle of the ukraine crisis is just mystifying to me, he is cutting stupidly, cutting money to the troops so that they have to take the food stamps, they're already on food stamps that the former vice president was complaining about. i do not get this at all. >> the lack of awareness of what this means to american families, when there are not sufficient troops to find out what is going on. we're having a smaller troop force with the families, we already know who could happen if you do deploy. >> it would put american troops at risk. he said it. >> this is a reflection of the
7:17 pm
obama administration's priorities, they're making cuts here. i say cut the program that has -- well, it is gone now. >> the president is willing to take on $7 trillion in debt. at this point it is going to be filled by a country that is not sympathetic to democracy -- >> because you're aware of history, this is exactly what happens, in a political magazine, robert cains was with the brookings institute. he had a striking critique of this policy, the administration, which is pivoting to asia, which is actually an admission that american ubiquity is now a thing of the past, and by itself it a destabilizing effect. >> this is a dismissive
7:18 pm
attitude. this president, going to your point, i don't think he shares the concerns at least of this panel and a large majority of americans. >> but -- >> we have been to this movie before, and that was in the after vietnam and it was in the carter administration. we cut our military systems, we sort of retracted our position in the world. and what happened? the end result of that was when our american diplomats were taken hostage in tehran, we could not mount a successful rescue mission. we had five helicopters mired in the sand. we couldn't even rescue our own. so flash forward, when we went into the reagan administration, we were shocked at what we found, we had ships that couldn't sail because of fuel, airplanes that couldn't fly because the pilots had not had enough training hours. for every tank that was operational, there was one sitting right next to it used
7:19 pm
for spare parts, all that was bad, but the single thing we found was the young men and women, the junior enlisted men and women were on food stamps. and it showed. reagan got it back. >> reagan called it the gap of vulnerability. monica is america going back to vulnerability? >> we are certainly in retreat, and again this is part of the fundamental transformation of the nation of which he spoke. remember, a bit part of that is moving america away from super status to also ran status. and the official way you move the u.s. to that status is by gutting the military. what hagel announced this week is something under way already with massive cuts to the u.s. military. >> all right, we'll take a break, we're just getting going. we'll come back, and coming up next tonight here on "hannity." >> but we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the
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controversy. >> oh, the bill was passed, we know what it is in it. coming up, we'll explain how obamacare brought america's tipping point to a head, glad you're with us, that and much more. [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's lobsterfest! the year's largestelection of lobst entrees like loter lover's dream or new dueling lobster tail withne crab-stuffed tail and one topped with shrimp. hurry in and sea food fferently. withne crab-stuffed tail and one topped with shrimp. transferred money from his before larry instantly bank of america savings
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and welcome back to this special studio audience of "hannity," now, the obamacare has proven to be nothing but a
7:24 pm
failure, from the endless website problems, doctor shortages, millions of cancelled health care plans all over the country. i think it is safe to say that obamacare has brought the american health care system to a tipping point. >> after all the votes have been added, health care reform becomes law in america. >> it is, the website is designed to be pretty consumer friendly. >> i keep getting this error page, it won't let me progress past verifying personal information. >> they can't get on either. >> the health insurance is good. the prices are good. >> i have been as clear as i could be under the reform i have proposed. if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan. >> centers for medicaid and medicare services estimated obamacare would collectively reduce the number of people-sponsored health care coverage by 14 million. >> people who like their policies are losing them and this has been a real burden on
7:25 pm
the economy. >> huge numbers of older americans are being discovered that their long-time doctors are being dumped from their insurance plan. >> a lot of young people think they're invincible, but the truth is a lot of young people are knuckleheads. >> and you're one of the president's biggest supporters. the president said if you like your plan you can keep your doctor, period, if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, period. and the average family will save $2500 per year. >> and he probably should not have used those words. >> probably should not have. >> he should not have. but do you know how much he thinks america is exceptional? >> what does that have to do with my question. >> he thinks that we are so exceptional that we should not have 40 million people without health insurance. i am self-examimployed. for years i could not get health insurance, so yes we are
7:26 pm
exceptional. and we are so exceptional that we are not going to let people die without health insurance. >> all right, enough of the filibuster. 31 million americans, according to cbo will still not have health insurance under obamacare. >> but we're moving in the right direction. >> moving in the right direction? >> we're not going to go back. frankly the problem is that we're not seeing a real time line from the democrats. i keep hearing we're going to fix it. but i talked to a number of people on capitol hill, whether it was nancy pelosi, i just spoke to congressman larsen, if said when is this fix going to happen? >> when the republicans come to the table. >> and once again we're not hearing a time line. >> i don't want us to get tied up in too much rhetoric here, when he says 4 million people, when hhs says 4 million people, i want you to know those people are not coming to doctor's offices like mine and getting it
7:27 pm
taken care of. because even if they have a new policy we can't even figure out as a physician if i can take it. am i listed on your policy? no, i'm not, let me call up. i don't know if that network will clue me, i don't know what it will pay me. in the real life of the doctor's offe office is even more of a mess. >> i agree, it is a mess, back to doug's point earlier, the problem for republicans is they have not come to the table and offered anything positive. and many americans don't want to go back. >> individuals have, but as a party they have not gotten behind a single plan, that is true. and that is a mistake. >> it is a huge mistake for the republican party. >> i have the answer if they will just listen to me. >> you have to run for office. >> medical savings accounts affordable rty, you take responsibility. >> and the republicans have to cull around an answer, we have
7:28 pm
not seen them do it yet. >> there is some truth. >> both parties have really failed. very true what you're saying. on the flip side, i hear people on the left talk about it gingerly, yeah, it is not perfect. yeah, it is not perfect, it is absolutely horrible. they have not implemented this plan, what better way to prove the conservatives were right than to have your website not even work? it has been a disaster. >> jessica? >> i go back to the point you actually made earlier. right now the republican party is the party of no. and even just today, john boehner came out and said because he has got 126 members with 126 different ideas about how to either as he said fix or change or alter the health care plan that we currently have with aca, nothing is going to get done. this is what has been happening over and over again in congress. what we've seen going on. why we have the executive orders and issues and everything else happening. there is a gridlock and
7:29 pm
deadlock, there has to be change and answers. >> let me go over to kesha. >> acknowledge that there are problems with obamacare? that is is not a fantasy, we just heard it was all made up. >> everybody is lying. >> everybody is lying. >> everybody that lost their plan is a liar. everyone that is suffering -- >> democrats control the senate and the senate majority leader himself doesn't believe there is a problem. >> sean, the reason why i think there is no solution on either side right now is we're not in the position of pointing fingers anymore. i think president obama is not the first president to start something new or give our country something new, it failed. that happened. we need to move past it. >> you say we have to move past it. but wait a minute, the thing that is most frustrating, father, back me up here from a moral standpoint. my kids, they do something wrong, i expect it. but it is when they say i didn't do it.
7:30 pm
she did it. >> have to be held accountable. i totally agree. >> in 2010, we knew the white house debated on whether to tell the people the truth because they knew people couldn't keep their plan, they decided consciously not to tell us. >> he is suffering from that, his reputation, his ratings in the polls have gone down. >> wait just one second, you talk about suffering. just earlier today i received an e-mail from mine, a friend of mine in mississippi, lost his insurance because of obamacare, he was out jogging, got hit by a car. he is laid up in the hospital right now with severe injuries, he doesn't have insurance. churches are having to raise money to take care of this man's medical costs. i would like to see harry reid fly over to north mississippi and tell this man laid up in the hospital that he doesn't have health insurance that it is all made up. >> this is not an accident, the way the law itself changes
7:31 pm
health insurance, they lose their plans, that is how the law is designed because they're mandating government levels of coverage, mandating levels of benefits. so of course you lose your plan, that is the design, they think government knows what is best. if you lose your plan, they don't care, you had a junk plan in their eyes. >> our tax dollars will bail out the insurance industry, humana will get something like that $450 million. >> and tonight, next on "hannity." >> everybody in cleveland, all the minority got phone -- >> he gave you a phone? >> he gave us a phone. >> if you sign up, you got low income, you disability. >> all right, so this president and his handouts like obama phones are responsible for the nation's growing entitlement culture, our studio audience
7:32 pm
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and welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." now, president obama throughout his time in office has continually encouraged americans to rely on the government. so is america right now at a typically point when it comes to its growing entitlement culture? take a look. >> barack obama is the best food stamp president in american history. >> food stamps give me an opportunity to focus more on a career. i have to apologize for the way the system is set up? >> obama has no interest in reducing the debt. the priority is to increase entitlements. he wants to spread the wealth. >> everybody in cleveland, all the minorities got an obama phone, you sign up, you on food stamp stamps, you on social security. >> it is just very difficult to beat santa claus, especially if the alternative is your own
7:37 pm
santa claus. >> contraception can cost a woman over $3,000, that is practical a summer's salary. >> bill, the point is, we have not massively expanded the welfare state. >> all right, we bring back our studio audience, before i get to the audience here, i see everybody is dying to jump in. all right, let me put on the screen, americans receiving food stamps, we now have 47 million americans, that is a lot of people being impacted. and then americans at the poverty line, 46.5 million. this turned into -- joe biden, when was not on "the view," obamacare, frees up women not to work at dead end jobs and they can stay home and take care of their children. watch this, because i think this goes to the heart of what the
7:38 pm
left believes today. >> this is about freedom. how many of you are single women with children in a dead end job? you're there because of your health insurance? you would rather have the opportunity to spend the next couple of years with your child until they get -- if that was your choice until they get in primary school. you're now trapped in that job because if you leave you lose your health insurance. now, you will be able to make an independent choice. >> wait a minute, i want to stay home. that is my choice. >> but sean -- i -- >> is that america? >> no, no, and i was dying to talk on this topic, because you know what? i don't think that anyone should have a sense of entitlement. most people don't know my story, i grew up in camden new jersey, i put myself through law school. so no, you should not be able to sit home. >> this is said by the president of the united states of america
7:39 pm
saying you can stay home and who is going to pay for all of this? >> absolutely, it's so insulting for women to say you have the freedom for us to take your job away, pick your poison, you don't get to say there is a wage gap and hostile environment for women, you just wanted to stay home all along. the president continues to make it rational to seek to make it rational, to act and behave in ways right now that ensure poverty and dependency in the long-term. >> you want to know what is absolutely insulting about this, while obama and his administration is looking to expand the entitlement culture he is cutting benefits and pay to our military and their families, the people who are serving and sacrificing and putting their lives on the line. many of them have paid the ultimate sacrifice and their families are having to deal with that. >> everybody who works will pay for that woman's choice to stay home. father, i went to catholic
7:40 pm
school for 12 years, they didn't like it. but i went there. but true story, i was taught that every person was created by god. i believe that with all of my heart. and that every person was born with talent. and that work was part of what we are as human beings. we're supposed to give back, we're supposed to use our talents for other people. has that changed now? >> i agree 100%, i will play devil's advocate. maybe what he was saying in this case you know what? what if getting out of a dead end job and knowing that you have another type of insurance so that you can get a better job is an opportunity. i think that is a possible -- wait, wait, wait, sean -- >> stay home and raise your kids. >> let the devil talk for a second. let the devil talk. now, that is a devil's advocate. but where i think president
7:41 pm
obama went off the rails here is that he had the religious group, including the catholic bishops, but so many others, even evangelicals and others wanting health care for everyone. and he could have used them as advocates and partners. instead what he did, he said i'm going to do it my way. and i'm going to make sure that religious people are not able to protect their religious liberty. that is the problem. >> monica, go ahead. >> and coming from the vice president, also from the president, when they talk about we're going to liberate you from work. we're going to free you. it is all about freedom. when it is nothing but the sort. what they're really trying to do is direct people into depending on the government. >> americans ideas are valued. the freedom to self-determine, to determine what they want to do. and just the entitlement culture, which actually has been happening over the 20th century, starting with franklin roosevelt.
7:42 pm
this has been happening for a long time. and actually it was predicted. democracy in america, 150 years ago that too much radical freedom will cause people to say tell me what to do. i don't know how to figure this out. >> i don't know why people are not shocked at this. >> i'm shocked at the word dead end job, because people may be getting a sense of personal responsibility. a lot of my patients are in jobs they don't want to be in. but maybe the person feels good -- >> when i was a cook and a dishwasher and a bartender -- were those -- >> by the way, i want to correct one statement. not everybody in the left agrees with this. i don't like disincentivizing work, it kills people's souls. number two, nobody wants to focus on solutions. all the money you see on food stamps is a very easy way to make it smaller. you have 14 different programs going on overlapping. >> i have a better solution. >> no, you don't like your
7:43 pm
solution. >> my solution is -- we can get the government off the backs and the necks of energy companies, as i have interviewed more people in the energy world. there is more energy combined in this country, shell oil, gas and coal than in the entire middle east combined. >> they're not going to complain there is a fracking problem in his neighborhood. >> he is seeing over it. >> and the polls show that most women wish they had the luxury to stay at home and raise their children. but what the vice president is talking about is not the luxury to stay home, it is doing it on other taxpayer's dimes, to get the subsidies in order to buy the health care plans. >> that is exactly what he is saying. >> not what he is talking about. >> the family of four. >> i agree. >> he is taking money from taxpayers to support -- to not work. >> real quick. >> if you stay home with children you know you are working more than any of us who are working full-time jobs.
7:44 pm
>> wait a minute. >> sean -- >> but who is paying for her to stay home. >> oh, my goodness. >> that is how liberals would like it. >> it is hard, hard work. >> i know it is hard work but why -- look, she -- >> why describe it as not working -- and relaxing around. >> why do other people have to help with the raising of her children so she can stay home? >> what is more important. >> i love your daughter. >> i stayed home for six months but my husband and i built a life-style where we both had to work. but i couldn't. >> all right, i got to break, we'll take a break, we'll be right back. and coming up next here on "hannity." >> not that i want to punish, i want to make sure that everybody who is behind you that they have the chance too. and i think when you spread the wealth around it is good for everybody. all right, some say it was a slip-up back in 2008. but five and a half years later we now have proof that president obama is waging a war against
7:45 pm
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and welcome back to this special edition of "hannity," now although income in equality has increased more under president obama than any of his predecessors, he continually uses class war fare, and of course villifies the so-called rich. >> we actually tend to trust each other less when there is class inequality. >> i never in my lifetime saw more people looking at each other's income -- >> should we have ask of the
7:50 pm
wealthiest americans to pay? >> but in splitting it, he brings up the conversation and villifies the rich raise taxes on owners of private jets that that is going to make a difference in terms of having a real impact. i think quite frankly it's disappointing. >> would they rather put hundreds of thousands of jobs and our economy at risk just to protect a few special interest tax interests? >> it's class warfare the kind of language you expect from the leader of a third world country. >> bring back our studio audience. top 10% of wage earners, what percentage of the taxes do you think they pay? >> in the country?
7:51 pm
>> over all, 10% american wage earners. >> they pay majority of the bill. >> 72%. bottom 50% of wage earners, what do they pay, do you know? what percent? >> it's better to ask what percentage of their income? >> 0. bottom 50. federal income tax. >> the main issue that there is here is that we have seen not just under obama's administrati administration, going back into the 70s we've seen this growing income inequality. problem is that we've seen it before. when we saw it was before the great depression we had at the turn of the country, free -- lack of regulation. >> i just think this fair share talk we've h the entire time
7:52 pm
has taken the focus off of solving the problem and put it on that person has more than i do. it sort of erodes freedom and hard work we feel, that is real freedom to me. so. >> the party has a pro-growth agenda to create jobs. david camp's proposal on tax reform? >> yes. this week. >> neither party wants to take it on. neither party has a plan to grow an economy, to use energy independence. bottom line, shame on both parties for talking about recontribution or cutting taxes without a goal, which all americans share. >> kt and i were talking during the break. we can put every american back
7:53 pm
to work if we can tap our energy resources in this country. i'm getting thousands of people jobs paying 70,000 and $100,000 a year. they can't fill jobs in north dakota. >> the pipeline, sean. >> you're right, sean. what you don't do is harm americans least able to afford energy. with regulations killing fossil fuel industry, energy prices are going up, you're harming those least able to afford those energy cuts. >> we'll be right back right after the break. please stay with us. my name is jenny, and i quit smoking with chantix.
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7:58 pm
-pessimistic note but the country is more divided than ever before. i worry about america's future. i think the president is a radic radical. >> there are not solutions on the table when there is a policy look liking at the facts that health care should not be tied to the job, there are two-parent households where the mother does want to go home and you've got conservative women saying -- wait a minute, let me finish -- saying that that is a bad thing this, is over hatred of president obama. >> it's not a hatred. it's not the american way. >> you're wrong. i mean you heard this before,
7:59 pm
saying republicans aren't bringing anything to the table f they did bring something to the table harry reid won't take it into the senate. >> a survey says 70% believe the culture war is lost. >> obama taking it on the chin tonight. he could be praised for making sure minorities have access to education and job training and it's not a big government program. you might call it a family-based initiative. >> answers aren't found in government but in the hearts of the american people. i think next generation is
8:00 pm
poised to put pragmatism over principle. >> thanks for joining us we'll see you back here real soon. o'reilly factor is on. tonight: ♪ >> as president obama tries to help children at risk in america, millionaire hip hop people continue to put out stuff that may be harmful to unsupervised kids. ♪ >> tonight, we will continue the debate. >> would you allow the national archives to release the documents? >> actually, the archives is moving as rapidly as the archives move. >> after 13 years, hillary clinton's advice to her husband, the president, is finally made public. james rosen will analyze for us.